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Monday, February 18, 2008

Guide To Internet Marketing

For over two years, I spent much of my time searching for and trying many work from home business programs. The tons of efforts that I put in, the few dollars that I spent and the sleepless nights reading all kinds of e-zines and internet marketing books finding ways to improve my sales, only brought less than desirable results.

The fact that I quit my job out of so called "full commitment and passion" to make it happen, was a huge mistake. I ended with credit cards maxed out straight through the roof, car repossessed and had to resort "camping" at a friend's office for 6 months. But what's even worse was when good friends started to shy away....which was the saddest part.

Today I wish to share with you, Dotcomology - a very good guide for those interested to venture into internet marketing. Many people have been duped into spending hundreds and even thousands of hard earn money to join various programs that promised the sun and the moon, only to be left with big holes in their pockets.

There are companies out there for instance that charge up to US$30 monthly for a submission service to search engines and make claims that your website will always get good spots within the first 3 search pages or so that will guarantee swarms of visitors to your site. The question is, how sure are you that they are really doing their job themselves? How sure are you that they did not actually paid only US$10 a month to another company that does all the real hard work? Now that’s a good US$20 profit from your account every month. What if there are 1000 other website owners who are so eager to market their products in this over US$6 Billion industry who also thought that US$30 monthly is really cheap to pay? Now you do the math..

Business is all about getting people to buy. The more people walk into your store, the more chances of you selling your candy. That’s for sure. Internet marketing is just the same. Traffic is the number one factor that will determine whether or not you can put dinner on the table, if you are doing it full time like so many people do. What if you could get traffic by the tons to your site for free? Now that’s US$360 a year that can be put to good use! How many traffic in a ton? Well, I really don’t know but it sure does sound a lot ;-)

This is just one topic out of over many others that will be revealed to you – for free. Before you spend your next dollar on internet marketing, study, digest and analyze what this book has to say.

Phew…I felt so relieve having said all those. I would be happy even if I could just help one person from wasting his money unnecessarily.

By receiving this e-book, you are also receiving full rights to do whatever you want with it. You could either read it, just download it into your hard drive and leave it there to consume some space that you have in abundance of, or even sell it. People are paying US$25 for an e-book that contains just one of the so many topics in Dotcomolgy. You will soon discover that Dotcomology comes with thousands of dollars worth not only on information, but also in the form of very useful tools.

You can find Dotcomology on the side bar. Enjoy.

P/S - Take a deep breath, calm down and relax before you read. I am sorry if this e-book makes you frustrated and angry after finding out that you could have saved thousands of dollars should you have found it sooner.

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